Cleanse & Restore

Highlights from recent Cleanse Grads: “I lost 10 pounds in 10 days and my specific food cravings stopped!” Judy │ “The cleanse was great! It helped me to not only lose my unwanted weight, but overall feel better (both mind and body). It was easy, the food was delicious and I’ve continued to be healthy and not crave sugar and the unhealthy food I was eating. Monica was a great support and having the cleanse group sharing pictures and photos made it very helpful. I would suggest anyone that feels they are in a rut and needs a boost to get back to being healthy give it a try, you won’t regret it! I will definitely be doing another one in the future.” Jill │“I felt mega amounts of energy.” Leo │ “It was great to do this with my wife.” Dave │ “The Cleanse & Restore Plan was exactly what I needed to get back in tune with mindful eating. I even learned to bake healthy snacks that my daughter loves!” Sarah │ “This cleanse has been the one thing (including physical therapy) that has lessened my shoulder pain by decreasing inflammation.” Shelly “What I like about the Cleanse the best is that it’s not calorie restricted. Other programs like Weight Watchers, require counting calories or calculating points and the Cleanse just requires eating a variety of certain foods. I learned to focus on inflammatory foods too, which I didn’t pay attention to before” Rebecca  │ “This cleanse helped press the reset button on my gut health! I finally received the proper direction from Monica.” Jamie

The Cleanse & Restore Plan is a step-by-step, 10-day Candida cleanse that will help you press the reset button on your body, decrease inflammation, jumpstart your gut health, lose unwanted pounds, stop food cravings, and get massive results in a short amount of time. It will reveal which foods make you feel the best, and boost your confidence in trying new things on your lifelong journey of health.

{“All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates made this statement over 2,000 years ago and it is truer today than ever. This cleanse will ignite gut healing; the best place to focus on total body health.}

Common cleanse fears: I’d like to address a few common fears that individuals have expressed before the cleanse. I never hear these fears during the cleanse. You don’t need to be hungry, there will be lots more than raw veggies to eat, you’ll get guidance on recipes, you don’t need to eat grass, there will be foods your whole family can enjoy, vegetarians can do it, if you can’t start on the exact date as the group you can still join, if you can’t do it “perfectly” you’re still way better off than doing nothing. Just do your best. Every single person who has done this cleanse has walked away healthier, happier and more skilled at taking care of themselves. So c’mon, show yourself some love, ditch the decision-anxiety and take this step towards change.

Here’s the Plan

3 live one-hour coaching sessions with Monica Pelle, RD, CPT. Group coaching is via weekly live video webinars, playback recordings available for those that can’t join live. Plus a private Facebook group to share experiences & receive extra support. 1:1 Individual Cleansers will receive coaching via phone or video conference based on preference. Educational materials will be emailed.


Before you start your 10-day cleanse, a kick-off session the week before will start the preparation phase and make things easier.

During this session you’ll receive the Cleanse & Restore Road Map, a list of all the foods & beverages to eat, recipe resources, and guidance on cleansing techniques that will give your body the best chance to expel as many toxins as possible.

You’ll also order your 3 required supplements; GX Assist, Probiotic Assist & lemon essential oil.

During the preparation phase you’ll start improving your diet & environment by reducing your consumption of junk food, processed food, added sugar, alcohol and caffeine. You’ll also start meal planning & shopping for cleanse-friendly foods.

From the beginning, it’s important to develop a long-term view of your new healthy lifestyle.


During this session you’ll get extra support for meal planning ideas, exercise guidance, symptoms associated with detox, & some tips on how to cleanse out your kitchen and environment if you feel motivated to do so.

For the 10 days you’ll be focused on consuming whole foods like delicious green smoothies, non-starchy vegetables, a few select gluten-free grains and grain-free flours, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, lean meats (meat is optional), and supportive beverages. All of which are targeted to reduce bad bacteria and candida overgrowth.

You’ll avoid: Sugar, alcohol, gluten, yeast, caffeine, preservatives and additives, refined or processed foods, moldy foods, and dairy (except plain organic kefir & yogurt).

The plan allows for creativity in food choices based on your individual needs and preferences.


The last session happens at the end of the cleanse so you are prepared to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut with a high quality probiotic supplement and probiotic foods.

Systematic guidance for the reintroduction of foods will help you protect the positive benefits of the cleanse, uncover foods that you are sensitive to, and help you create a personalized way of eating that supports long-term weight loss, detoxification and success.

Enjoying a healthier and cleaner lifestyle is within your reach!


Group Cleanse Education & Support- $50

Necessary supplements: GX Assist, Probiotic Assist, Lemon essential oil. (Combined cost $70.50 wholesale + tax/shipping)

ALERT: If you want wholesale pricing on the required supplements and to receive the group cleanse for FREE, contact Monica to set up a wholesale account on her dōTERRA team BEFORE registering here.
1:1 Individual Cleanse Education & Support- $149 Offered year-round at your convenience

Necessary supplemnts: GX Assist, Probiotic Assist, Lemon essential oil. (Combined cost $70.50 wholesale + tax/shipping)