Detox & Cleanse

Join us for the January 6th 10-Day Plant Based Detox

Naturally detox your body using plant based super foods, essential oils & herbal extracts.

“I believe that every person’s health and well-being is dependent on how their body removes toxins. With all the environmental pollution, toxic body care products and processed foods most people are in desperate need of a serious detox!” Dr. Josh Axe

If you’re a person that would like to experience massive results in a short amount of time, and feel confident taking new steps on your journey to health…then join us! This detox will help you press the reset button on your body and kick-start lasting change. The education, coaching & support happens online from the comfort of your own home. Making it convenient for any friends, family and co-workers to benefit as well.

Warning signs that you need to detox:

Fatigue, poor sleep, digestive issues, food cravings, excess weight, hormonal imbalance, headaches, aches & pains, inflammation, skin issues, allergies, autoimmune disease, dark circles under your eyes, moodiness, anxiousness or depression.

Crushing common fears:

You don’t need to be hungry, you can eat to satisfaction. There will be foods your whole family can enjoy. If you can’t start on the exact date as the group you can still join. If you can’t do it “perfectly” you’re still way better off than doing nothing. Just do your best. So c’mon, show yourself some love, ditch the decision-anxiety and take this step towards change.

Here’s the Plan

For 10 days you’ll enjoy a wide variety of vegetarian whole foods, lots of fruits & veggies, healthy fats, gluten free whole grains, grain-free flours, dairy alternatives, and natural sweeteners.  For those that want to eat more “Flexitarian” for the 10 days, you can include (wild caught fish, eggs, goat & sheep’s milk cheese/dairy). The plan allows for individual tastes & preferences. You’ll avoid: refined foods, white sugar & flour, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, artificial preservatives and additives, animal meat & conventional dairy.

Preparation Phase January 6-12th

10-Day Detox January 13-22nd

Transition Phase January 23rd 

During the Preparation Phase you’ll receive the 10-Day Plant Based Detox Guide, that lists foods allowed & foods to avoid, recipe resources, and guidance on additional cleansing techniques.  You’ll also start meal planning & shopping for detox-friendly foods. This process sets you up for success when you kick-off the 10-Days on January 13th. The Transition Phase provides systematic guidance for the reintroduction of foods that will help you protect the positive benefits of the detox, uncover foods that you are sensitive to, and support long-term success.


Only $50 for education materials, coaching, and support


3 Required doTERRA supplements that support healthy filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.

Zendocrine Detoxification Complex

Zendocrine Softgels

Lemon Oil

Supplement total = $59 with wholesale account/$78.67 retail + tax & shipping

ALERT: If you want wholesale pricing on the required supplements and to receive the $50 education materials, coaching, & support for FREE, contact Monica TODAY to set up a wholesale account on her dōTERRA team.

Otherwise, click here to purchase the supplements at Monica Pelle’s retail website: doTERRA Retail Website

 Only $50 for education materials, coaching, and support

Enjoying a healthier and cleaner lifestyle is within your reach!