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Highlights from recent clients: “Monica takes a one-of-a-kind approach to training. More than just a great physique; she focuses on strength, balance & flexibility as you go through life.”- Tonya | “Training with Monica helps me focus on ALL aspects of my wellness! It’s amazing how transformational this experience has been. She looks at the whole person.” –Pam

I’m here to coach and motivate you, and determine the most effective strategy for getting the results you need. You will get results; if you’re willing to do your part of incorporating quality exercise and good nutrition into your life. I’ll help hold you accountable and empower you with life-changing guidance from my many years of experience. This process will improve and enhance every area of your life. With lots of encouragement and high 5’s along the way.

Personal TrainingMy ideal personal training clients are women that are out-of-shape or wanting to elevate their current fitness level; all ages, sizes and fitness abilities. They like to have fun in a private, stress-free workout environment; and are ready to take action now.

FAQ’s and my response: “What if I have an injury?” We can modify all exercises. “What if I’m very weak?” Doesn’t matter, we start from where you are and progressively build from there. “Will this be painful?” Pain is not our goal. It’s normal to feel sore when you try new things. However, we will have great communication during your session and we’ll know when to push harder and when to back off. “What if I’m embarrassed of my body.” I have no judgement on your body. My goal is to make you feel comfortable & love the body you’re in. “What if I’m overweight?” Even more reason to start today! “What if I’m on a tight budget.” Then just train once per week. You can invest in your wellness, or you can pay for doctor visits. It’s much more fun & rewarding to pay me.

Each training session is specifically designed for you to experience rapid and measurable gains in your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Anyone can do cardio on their own. It’s the specific skill set required for balance, form, breathing techniques, and strength training where women typically lack knowledge and motivation. We will mix in some cardio in a circuit training format to increase calorie burn. Other strategies for developing a total wellness lifestyle (nutrition, stress management, etc) will be included.

There is no better way to break through fears than to just take action and check it out for yourself. MY GIFT to you is a FREE, NO RISK, 1 hour private session

Personal Training
$55/1 hour session
10 session minimum required
Location: Monica’s home in Longmont, CO.
Weather permitting, we can also workout outdoors.*Pricing varies for travel to your home or business.

5-week Bootcamp

(Details Below)

Single $75

Discount: Buddy Pass
(2 people) $65/each

Sandstone Ranch Park (3001 E Hwy 119, Longmont, CO)



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Details: Certified personal trainer and registered dietitian Monica Pelle coaches a one-of-a-kind bootcamp along with her husband Leo Pelle (aka Trainer Pelle). All fitness levels are welcome. Ages 12-69 have benefited from our bootcamp. Participants under the age of 18 need to join with a parent. Bootcamp is seasonal and outdoor. TEAM stands for THINK, EAT and MOVE. We focus on mindsets for success, healthy weight management, boosting nutrition and a consistent fitness routine. A HUGE JUMPSTART FOR SUCCESS! Class includes a 55 minute Get Fit Fast workout that includes cardio, strength training, balance and stretching. We end with goal setting for the week. We use a fun circuit training format that allows you to go at your own pace. No “drop and give me 20!” stress.


What Others Are Saying

  • “Loved the classes!!!! I left feeling energized and very encouraged. It gave me a blueprint for balance.”
  • “My favorite mindset I learned is: “Perfection is a rocky road that leads to failure.” I am a perfectionist and if I mess up a little, I quit. That mindset is definitely a big change for me.”
  • “It was very helpful for me to get excited about adding new Super Foods to my routine. I love quinoa now!”
  • “The nutrition classes reminded me to think about my health and plan better. Classes held me accountable.”
  • “I am more fit 6 weeks later! I can continue to use the exercise techniques long after Bootcamp.”
  • “It was great to try new things and shake it up!”
  • “The workouts were a perfect mix of strength, cardio and stretching.”
  • “I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who is ready to invest in their wellness and wants to explore healthier eating options and be inspired to exercise more. Instead of waiting for crisis management with your health.”
  • “My one word for the bootcamp-AWARENESS. It’s so easy to go through life and not pick up on the little things throwing you out of balance. Your class brought this all home for me. It’s time to get myself back in balance.”