The cleanse helped me focus and recharge; paying attention to the cleanse helped me also focus at work and it was great to do this with my wife.

Dave B.

"Monica has played an instrumental role in the development and successful launches of our NutriMirror website and book Balanced Days, Balanced Lives. For 6 years she has been providing consulting that assures the nutritional science we rely upon is accurate. I value her service because of her knowledge, personable and professional attributes. I recommend Ms. Callan to others in wholehearted appreciation of both her talents and her character."

CEO PrePak Products

“Monica brings a fresh approach to helping our guests understand practical solutions to eating healthfully. Her warm and upbeat personality is a great asset. Monica is especially gifted in getting a group to participate and relate personally to her message."

Director of Nutrition, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

“Monica is an intelligent, caring and compassionate dietitian who has helped me understand proper nutrition and lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss. She also goes much deeper than that, she has helped me value myself. Through her I have realized that weight is a symptom. I will continue my relationship with Monica long after I reach my desired weight. You will not go wrong if you choose Monica.”

"Monica was my personal trainer for over 4 years. She was diligent about dates and punctuality. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about personal training and the human body, equally important, she was an empathetic and lovely person to spend time with. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a smart, creative and extremely motivated individual."

"This is not your average boot camp. It's friendly and inviting to all fitness levels. The nutrition counseling part of the class was hugely valuable. I saw quick results and felt invigorated! I'd recommend this class to anyone."

“Monica’s class gave me the burst of motivation I needed to move in the right direction and the tools to get there. Her passion for health is inspiring.”

“Monica cares about the health of others and makes nutrition fun. She is a role model among patients and peers and is full of an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. I am fortunate for having worked with her.”

Balance Practitioner